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SwiftMD is the modern version of the house call. We are a leading tele-health service featuring U.S.-trained, board-certified physicians who specialize in virtual doctor visits via phone and videoconferencing, 24/7. We help improve patients’ health quickly and effectively when they are seeking care for many common illnesses and conditions.

Telehealth that’s fast and easy

SwiftMD is leading the modernization of routine medical care for patients and reducing costs for clients. There are no long, complicated forms or online questionnaires to fill out and our average callback time to connect to a doctor is 7 minutes.

Great doctors who work exclusively for SwiftMD!

We select the best doctors who are passionate about online healthcare services. They work exclusively with us in telemedicine, and they develop relationships with our members through repeat virtual doctor visits.

People love our online doctor services!

We have the highest utilization rate in the telemedicine industry

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